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Templates and File Set-up

In this section, you will find information on how to prepare your files for print. Having your files ready to go not only streamlines the process, but gives you full control of the content and quality of your design.

Presently, this section is still under construction. Please be patient with us!

In the template files below, there are several different guides and markings that will help you in creating your file and being sure that it's ready for press. Included among these are your cut line, safety line and bleed line. These three lines each have a specific function: the cut line is self-explanatory, and indicates where the design will be cut to achieve its finished size. The safety line indicates how close to the edge you can get without risk of cutting off or damaging information as you handle the printed piece. The bleed line is for items that have a bleed (the color of the printing goes all the way to the edges of the page). You will need to build your bleed into your document by adding one eigth of an inch to your finished size.

For more specific specifications and measurements, please see the templates below. These can be dropped into your files as a guideline, then removed before printing!

Business Cards

When setting up business cards, you have to keep an eye on your edges. If you try to fit in too much information, the card will look crammed and cramped. Try to keep all vital information within the "safety" line as shown in the template. This will not only ensure that vital information won't get lost if the card should end up with a bent corner in someone's pocket, but will also make your design easier to read, and easier on the eyes.

Business Card Templates - EPS (horizontal format), EPS (vertical format)